Short answer:

  1. Click Export from your Simon Says transcript page
  2. Click "Subtitles" in the Export Options screen
  3. Click the sub-option "Facebook/YouTube'
  4. Then click the button "Let's do this"

5. Unzip the file that has been downloaded to your computer to extract your SRT file(s)

6. Open up your YouTube account and click the video camera icon at the top of your page then select Upload Video

7. Drag and drop or select files from your computer

8. On the Details pane, scroll down and click More Options, then scroll to Language, subtitles, and closed captions (CC), then select the language of your subtitles under Video language

9. Click Upload Subtitles/CC, then select With timing and click Continue

10. Navigate to the subtitle file you downloaded from Simon Says and select it

11. Fill out any other desired details in the Details pane, click Next, fill out Video Elements details, click Next and fill out Visibility details then click Save

12. If your video has completed processing, you can now view it to see the subtitles.

To add another language:
(You can translate your subtitles to 50+ languages. See
here for a short tutorial)
13. Under the video, click the 3 dots and select Add Translations

14. Click Add new subtitles or CC and select the language

15. On the next screen, select Upload a file

16. Click Choose File and navigate to your translated subtitle file from Simon Says and then click Upload

17. After the upload completes, click Save changes and then click Return to YouTube Studio at the top right

18. Navigate to your video and open it to view. You will now see a list of language choices under Settings > Subtitles/CC

Repeat steps 13–18 to add other languages


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