Users are increasingly watching online videos without sound. This makes having subtitles even more important, besides fulfilling its key premise to make content accessible to those with hearing difficulties.

And the good news is it is super easy to automatically generate them for YouTube with Simon Says, the AI transcription and translation website / Mac app for your audio and video files.

1. Upload your video file to Simon Says and click Transcribe. (Choose the language of the media to transcribe. You can translate to multiple languages later.) Fill in your payment details and click Let’s do this.

2. Edit any items in the generated transcript

If you want your file translated to have multiple language support for your SRT, now is the time to do it. Please see our article on translating with Simon Says here.

3. Export your files as SRT by clicking on SRT Subtitles and then clicking Let’s do this

4. Unzip the file that has been downloaded to your computer to extract your SRT file(s)

5. Open up your YouTube account and click the video camera icon at the top of your page then select Upload Video

6. Drag and drop or select files from your computer

7. Once the upload is complete, click the link under Your video will be live at to view your video

8. Click Edit Video

9. In the Advanced tab, scroll down to Original video language, subtitles, and CC and click on UPLOAD SUBTITLES/CC

10. Select With timing

11. Navigate to the location of the SRT file you unzipped in Step 4 and select it to upload

12. Click Save at the top right of your page

13. Go to the Basic tab and click on the video URL to view it

14. Make sure you have subtitles and captions enabled. Your subtitles are now displayed in your video.

To add other languages

15. In the Advanced tab, Click the transcriptions link under Video Language

16. Click Add Language at the top right and select a language

17. Click Add with the new page icon next to it at the extreme right of the new language choice

18. Click Upload a file

19. Click Choose file and navigate to your translated SRTs from Simon Says on your computer and select the correct one then click Upload

20. You can adjust the timing or edit the transcript here. When you are finished, click Save Changes

21. Click Return to YouTube Studio at the top of your page

22. Navigate to your video and open it to view. You will now see a list of language choices under Settings > Subtitles/CC

View the subtitle language options in your video

Repeat steps 15–22 to add other languages


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