Simon Says can transcribe most kinds of clips from Final Cut X. Because there are so many possibilities on how clips are built, there may be some things we have not imagined.  The following should be considered guidelines, and not gospel. Please let us know if you can contribute to this entry.

General rules about enabled media in MultiCam or Sync Clips:

-Enabled audio tracks will transcribe. If you have a comp/mixed track in your multitrack audio, enable that and disable the rest. Having too many tracks enabled will raise the noise floor and adversely effect the transcription quality.

-Disable audio at the clip level, not within the timeline for the clip.

-Simple clips are recommended.

-Sync clip: One picture file and one audio file

-Multicam Clip: Multiple picture files designated to different cameras; one audio file or multiple audio files designated to different cameras; enable the comp/mix track

-Audio length is prioritized over video length. Often sound rolls before picture and ends after, transcription will begin and stop at the boundaries of the audio.

To avoid (at this time):

-Multiple picture files in a Multicam clip which occupy the same angle, like this one.

-Too much silence in an audio file. Transcription may cease if there is a silent gap of more than 15 seconds. 

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