If you are working with Avid Pro Tools (or any other non-linear editing software), you can now transcribe your interviews in Simon Says and directly import the transcript into your post production software.

Here’s how:

  1. Once your media file (that is, the audio or video file you uploaded) is transcribed in Simon Says, click the Export button.

Click “Export”.

2. A pop-up will appear (like in the image below). Select “Avid Pro Tools” from the options and you will probably want to check “only bookmarks” so you can just get the markers that correspond to the key parts of the interview.

If you don’t select “only bookmarks” you will get your media file with its entire transcript. Each row on Simon Says will correspond to a new marker in Avid Pro Tools.

Select “Avid Pro Tools”; a ZIP file will download.

Click “Export” and download the ZIP file. Unzip it and you will find an *.aaf file. Put that AAF file in the same folder as your audio / video file that you transcribed for easy re-linking.

3. Open Avid Pro Tools and create a Project that matches your file’s specs. Then go to the “File” menu, “Import” sub-menu, and click “Session Data…”:

Import session data and then navigate to the AAF file on your computer.

4. TaDa! You will see a timeline with the media file and markers that correspond to the transcript.

Now how much time will this save in identifying the right quotes in the right clips for your edit?!

*If you have multiple files in your Simon Says project and you want to bring each one directly into Avid Pro Tools, you will need to follow the above Export steps (starting at Step 1) for each file individually.

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