Captions/subtitles are not automatically "on" when you export your final edit from FCPX. You could use our latest export option, FCPXML Titles, which will be "on" in the exported file. Or to use FCPXML Captions and have them burn in, follow the instructions below.

The option to export your FCPX projects with burnt-in subtitles became available form FCPX 10.4.4. Here's how to take advantage of this feature.

After transcribing your project in Simon Says, export to Captions and import that into your FCPX project.

 Then follow the steps below:

  • Click Export in the file and choose the Roles tab
  • Click on the Captions icon under Video Track
  • Choose Burn in captions from the popup and select your subtitle
  • Click Next
  • Click Save

Your file is now exported with burnt-in subtitles

Instructions and images, with thanks, from the Idustrial Revolution blog

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