Sometimes you have a big project coming up or would rather have credit in your account to use for transcription or translation rather than pay for each file individually and have a bunch of small transactions. Or you have a team account and would like to buy credit to cover all the projects your team is involved in.

You can buy prepaid credit minutes! Simply let us know by chat or email and we'll take you through the short procedure (it's pain-free, I promise!).

** Prepaid credit is available at the rate of your payment plan. Example: If you are on Pay As You Go, buying 20 hours of credit will be $300.
** If you are on a membership plan with a discounted transcription rate, the prepaid credit is valid only as long as you remain a member. If you unsubscribe and discontinue your membership, any remaining prepaid credit will expire.
** Pay As You Go prepaid credits are valid for 6 months.
** There are no refunds for unused credits, sorry.

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