“I don’t want to send my data to the cloud.”

And you shouldn’t have to.

For many organizations, a secure, cloud-based auto-transcription system at an affordable price point is great. For others, they need unequivocal, high-security, locked-down data for the most sensitive of projects. Only on-premise software to swiftly transcribe them will truly suffice.

These sensitive projects can include the next Hollywood blockbuster or confidential interviews recorded for a bombshell story: confidentiality and privacy are paramount.

Hello, CISO, VP. Eng., Head of IT Security, and all those whose highest priority is making systems and production workflows secure: we have a solution. On-premise, air-gapped auto-transcription.

Simon Says, the leading cloud-based transcription website for production, is now available as on-premise, air-gapped, auto-transcription software, running on MacOS and Windows.

This specifically means:

  1. Auto-transcription and all key functionality like ingest, transcript editing, and export/NLE import happen completely and only on your machine.
  2. No audio/video/transcript data is sent to the cloud. We never see/touch any asset!
  3. No Internet or network connection is needed to work on your files. Air-gap your machine and run it dark and off network. This is also helpful if you need transcription on-location, such as for dailies and rushes, and an Internet connection is slow, unreliable, or unavailable.

With Simon Says on-premise, you get the accurate transcription, great design and robust features that are available on our website and the security, comfort and peace-of-mind that comes with having full and total control on how the software operates and where the data lives.

If this sounds (ok, pun intended 😛) like the solution for your transcription needs, contact us: we’d love to talk to you.

Simon Says: swift and secure auto-transcription for your media assets.

Simon Says is built for production:

  • timecode-based transcription (timecode-synced and framerates, DF and NDF);
  • NLE integration such as with FCP X/7, Avid Media Composer/Pro Tools, and Adobe Premiere/Audition;
  • handles all your file formats and codecs;
  • advanced artificial intelligence in speech recognition, speaker separation, and auto-punctuation to accurately transcribe your content.
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