Benefits of a team account

There are two key benefits of a team account.

  1. Team members can share transcribed projects with each other (either with specific users or the entire team). Example: one person can upload an interview recording, another person can edit it and a third person can export it in a format compatible with the editing program they use.
  2. Users can tap into the shared team billing for all their transcriptions. This means that one person is the account owner and pays for their team’s subscription while each member can utilize those owner’s billing details.

How to share

  1. Sign up to Simon Says and subscribe.
  2. Ask your teammates to sign up and subscribe for a Simon Says membership too. Each person in a team needs to be on a paid monthly or annual plan.
  3. Message us to activate your team account.
  4. Create a new project and transcribe it. From the transcript screen, click the share button.

5. Select whether you want to share the project with your entire team or with selected team members. If you do not share a project, the project remains private to your account (i.e. the person who created the project).

If you want to stop sharing a project or revise who it is shared with, you can do that from this screen too.

Teammates who have access to a shared project are able to edit the transcripts of all files in that project. Only the project owner can edit the project name and only one person at a time can be actively editing a transcript.

6. Your teammates can also do the same with their own projects: create, transcribe, and share them.

From the dashboard you can see which projects are yours, which ones have been shared with you, and which ones you have shared with others.

TaDa! Happy sharing.

Earn credits by introducing friends and colleagues to SImon Says! See more here.

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