Transcription and translation cost is based on the length of your audio and video files and the subscription plans enable you to get discounts on this cost.

You can view our payment plans here.

We have Pay As You Go as well as subscription plans. Subscription plans entitle you to significant discounts on the per minute rates + as well as other benefits. Please see the pricing page for details.

A cost comparison to transcribe 20 hours in 1 month, per plan:

Pay As You Go
Monthly Fee: 0
Cost (per hour): $15
Project Cost: 20*15 = $300
Total Cost = $300

Starter Monthly
Monthly Fee: $20
Cost (per hour): $7.50
Project Cost: 20*7.50 = $150
Total Cost = $170

Pro Monthly
Monthly Fee: $35
Cost (per hour): $6.50
Project Cost: 20*6.50 = $130
Total Cost = $165

*There are additional benefits, besides the reduction of transcription cost, by subscribing to a plan. Please see the pricing page for full details.

**Transcription and translation are two separate processes and charges.

**There is a minimum charge of $2 per transaction due to payment processor minimum fees. Cost is calculated per length of project. To surpass the $2 minimum, you can either:

  • bundle your short files together as one project
  • or buy prepaid credit. We support purchase orders for prepaid credit.

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