The MacOS app can run independently, even if you don't have FCP X.

You need at least FCP X 10.4.4, the first version to support Extension, to run the Simon Says Extension. Here is how to install our transcription tool right in FCP X:

  • Download and install the Simon Says Extension from the Mac App Store.
  • Run FCP and you should see the Simon Says extension like below:
  • If you don’t see it, run the Simon Says application from the Applications folder and login. Restart FCP X and you should see the Simon Says extension now there.

To uninstall:

  • Remove the Simon Says app from the Applications folder
  • Remove the folder on Macintosh HD > Users > [User name] > Library > Containers > ai.simonsaysapp which contains the transcodes of the project files you imported to Simon Says for transcription

Additional help:

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