We support timecode-based exports to all major non-linear video editing applications.

We export to:

  1. Microsoft Word and text documents

  2. Adobe Premiere Pro

  3. Adobe Audition

  4. Final Cut Pro X

  5. Final Cut Pro 7

  6. Grass Valley EDIUS

  7. Avid Pro Tools

  8. Avid Media Composer: via Text Locators, ScriptSync and AAF

  9. Blackmagic Design's DaVinci Resolve

  10. SAMI Subtitles/Captions

  11. SRT Subtitles/Captions

  12. Avid STL/SubCap Subtitles/Captions

  13. WebVTT Subtitles/Captions

  14. CSV / Microsoft Excel files

  15. JSON

  16. Lumberjack Ready

  17. MAXQDA

  18. Burned-in Subtitles/Timecodes

Simon Says exports to a myriad of formats

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