You can view our payment plans here.

We have Pay As You Go as well as subscription plans. Subscription plans entitle you to better minute/hour rates as well as other benefits. Please see pricing page for other benefits and limitations.

Please note there is a minimum charge of $2 per transaction due to payment processor fees. Cost is calculated per length of project. If you have a number of small media clips, you can bundle them together as one project to surpass the $2 minimum.

A short comparison of plans: If you are transcribing 20 hours of media:

Pay As You Go
Monthly Fee: 0
Project Cost: 20*15 = 300
Total Cost = 300

Starter Monthly
Monthly Fee: 20
Project Cost: 20*7.50 = 150
Total Cost = 170

Pro Monthly
Monthly Fee: 35
Project Cost: 20*10 = 200
Total Cost = 235

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